I ran x-country for my freshman and sophomore years of high school and have had knee problems every since. I was on surf team for my junior and senior years. They really needed girls at the time: when I first started team I’d only been surfing for a few weeks, and could barely stand up on the board! I’m still not very good. My favorite sport is snowboarding. I like to think that I’m rather good at it, especially given that I only make it out two or three days a year if I’m lucky. I like to rollerblade, hike, swim, and to go indoor rock climbing (and would like to try outdoor).

Other activities I’ve dabbled in: karate, self-defense, boxing, racquetball, volleyball, jui-jitsu, skydiving, kayaking, and windsurfing. I like playing most anything, but have no attention span for watching sports on television. A few things that I’d like to try but haven’t yet are fencing, archery, water-skiing, mountaineering, paint-ball, and diving.

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